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What Is A Cosmeceutical ?

What Is A Cosmeceutical

What Is A Cosmeceutical ?

A cosmeceutical is a combination of the words “cosmetic” and “pharmaceutical”. Cosmeceuticals are cosmetic products with biologically active ingredients, and often have a variety of these active ingredients combined. They are results-focused products, with the stronger formulations having the ability to bring about visible changes to the skin. Cosmeceutical products are usually restricted to professional skin care stockists where a consultation can be provided. Continue reading

Healthy Skin: You Are What You Eat

We’ve all heard it before: “You are what you eat!”    And when it comes to your skin, what you eat can have a big impact on how your skin behaves.  Your skin is your largest organ, and can act as an indicator of your overall health.

The team at Body Cafe recently had the pleasure of meetingClaire-book-cover and listening to NZ nutrition expert Claire Turnbull.

Claire is owner/director of Mission Nutrition, author of some excellent books, and has regularly featured on TV, radio & newspapers. We could tell from her energy and enthusiasm that she practices what she preaches, and it clearly works! Continue reading

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